Google Photos for Android to Add Manual Face Tagging, Pet Photo Sharing, Timestamp Editing and More


Google Photos is one of the best apps the Mountain View tech giant has ever made and the app recently got dark mode but after a Twitter Q&A, expect more features to roll out. Early this week, David Lieb, Google Photos Product Lead asked users on Twitter to suggest new features that should be added or improved. A lot of people replied with feature requests that he said that they are working on and others are coming soon.

Manual Face Tagging

This was one of the most requested features. For now, users can only remove an incorrect face tag. Once manual face tagging goes live, you’ll be able to tag your friends or family members if you take lots of photos.

Edit Timestamps

This feature has been present for a while for the web and iOS users but now it is shipping to the Android app.

Pet Photo sharing

If you take photos of your cat, kitten, puppy, dog, pet lizard a lot, this new feature will let you share with your partner or relative.

Search recently uploaded photos

This is another addition that was only for the web but it is now coming to the app. This should help you find photos more easily.

Delete photos from your library

This feature will let you delete photos from your library while browsing albums.

You’ll also be able to favourite pictures and videos within shared albums. Currently, you only like photos and videos in shared albums.

Fix to Samsung’s DCIM folder automatically backing to Photos

An issue with Samsung phones was also raised. Samsung phones save screenshots in the DCIM folder which Google Photos automatically backs up. Dave said they’re discussing this so a fix should be on the way.

Other significant features in the works include:

  • suggestion to delete badly taken pics

  • back up photos without showing up in your gallery

  • YouTube-like playback controls

  • ability to navigate to where a photo is located

  • Revamp the sharing tab

  • For the millennials who want local prints.

  • image description in slideshows

  • granular control over assistant

There’s no timeline of when these features will start rolling.

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