Free Google Photos Uploads End This Month, Brace Yourself for Another Subscription

Another day, another subscription, another dent in your pocket.

Google Photos

In November 2020, we learned that Google was planning to drop free unlimited storage for its Photos service. This was after five years of free usage, for which many customers found the benefits of the product because it worked and still does with the least amount of friction compared to other services. And your images are uploaded at ‘high quality’ wallpics.

At the time, also, Google announced that it would cut storage to 15 GB for Photos, and any extra space would be paid for (monthly) if the cap is exhausted.

Of course, the free offer was a ruse to rope in customers, which are in millions as of now. It would, therefore, make it hard for customers to leave, so for those who do not want to lose the offerings of the product (your images are there), or do not want to take extra steps to transfer the photos to another service (it is doubtful you would get a better product that doesn’t charge you), then Google One should be your next stop.

This, therefore, is a reminder that May is the last month that customers will use the service for free because as of June 1, the limit will be launched. So, take advantage and upload your images to the platform.

Moreover, as of June 1, all images and clips uploaded to the platform will count toward the 15 GB cap (that is associated with you Google products like Gmail and Drive). Google supports the decision by saying that about 80 percent of Photo users will not hit the cap for about three years after June 1.

Of course, this is not an issue for people with Pixel phones, because one of their perks is that they will still be able to use the service for unlimited high-quality photo uploads. The rest of us peasants should get Google One subscription.

Here are the prices for a Google One subscription:

  1. 100 GB – KES 200/month
  2. 200 GB – KES 300/month or KES 3000/year
  3. 2 TB – KES 1000/month or KES 10K/year
  4. 10 TB – KES 5K/month
  5. 20 TB – KES 10K/month
  6. 30 TB – KES 15K/month

For basic users, the first plan should be fine. Also, check your storage and make sure you have sufficient space, else you will be forced to pay (especially if you use Gmail, Drive and Photos a lot).

Another day, another subscription, another dent in your pocket.