YouTube for Android Now Rolling out Topic Filters on the Homepage


YouTubeThe giant Google-owned video sharing platform, YouTube is launching new features including hiding comments and subscriber counts by default, a revamped UI on YouTube TV and delete politically incorrect content and channels. The platform is now rolling out topic filters on its homepage on the Android app.

The topic filters will appear when you launch the YouTube Android app at the top as pill-shaped icons that now allow users to fine-tune the YouTube videos that are shown on your homepage. The topic filters are based on your watch history.

The topic filters feature was announced in June this year but now it is widely rolling out to users. This feature comes in handy especially for the curious binge-watchers who come across a certain topic and YouTube will show similar videos according to the topic.

This new development joins another similar filter that shows up in the Up Next lineup of videos.

YouTube changing the recommendation algorithm is in an effort to curb the spread of misinformation and conspiracy theories.

Topic filters are rolling to both free YouTube users and premium users.

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