Here’s How to Get Back the Old Twitter Design


Twitter recently revamped their web version and gave it a new design that received hate and love in equal measure but mostly hate. Well, if you didn’t like the new design, there’s a new extension that lets you go back to the old Twitter design and works for both Chrome, Firefox and Opera(sort of).

The new Twitter design wasn’t getting likes even during its testing phase, most tweeps were conflicted about it. People were pretty vocal about it.

Thanks to Tobias Messner we can now revert back to the old Twitter design. The developer has created GoodTwitter extension that you can download. You install, login to Twitter and boom, you’re met with the old Twitter design. It’s like we never left.

I used to have Refined Twiter, another Twitter extension that changed the Twitter interface to a more useful and neat one but it couldn’t protect me against the new Twitter design that was being rolled out. I had to disable it.

I missed it.

Now with another extension. I brought it back. And things are looking better.

I’m not the only one who’s enjoying the extension. It has been downloaded by over 32,140 users on Chrome’s webstore and 2,151 users on Firefox. For Opera users, this widget will do the magic for you.

The developer has made the code open source. You can check it out on GitHub.

Download it here: Chrome, Firefox, Opera.

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