How to Activate VoLTE on Your Safaricom SIM-Card

Safaricom volte
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Safaricom volte

Safaricom announced Voice over LTE (VoLTE) a month ago and they promised that it promises three times better phone call quality than 3G. For you to use the technology, you need a supported smartphone.

If you have a supported phone, you will notice the VoLTE symbol at the status bar. Here are the conditions for enjoying VoLTE on Safaricom.

  • Have a supported smartphone among the ones we have listed here.
  • Have a 4G Safaricom SIM Card
  • Be in a 4G area
  • Enable ‘VoLTE’ in settings

For some people, they did not need to do anything to get the VoLTE symbol if they satisfy the above conditions. However, for some, they’ll have to do extra work to enable VoLTE on their supported smartphones.

Enabling VoLTE on a Safaricom 4G SIM card is pretty easy, if you have the supported smartphone. Here are the steps:

  • Dial *100#
  • Go to ‘Self-service’
  • Choose option 4: ‘Activate VoLTE’
  • Choose option 3: Enable/disable VoLTE on SIM card
  • Choose option 1: Enable VoLTE for your SIM card

If you do this correctly, you will see the VoLTE icon appearing on your status bar.

VoLTE works by making voice calls that are made over a 4G LTE network instead of the system that switches back to 2G or 3G before connecting a call. VoLTE offers superior calling quality compared to 3G or 2G (three times more and six times more respectively), which will result to an improvement in clarity of the voice and a better calling experience.

To enjoy VoLTE, both parties need to have the feature enabled (must have VoLTE supported phones and in a 4G area).

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