Twitter Mocks Instagram by Using Screenshots of Tweets to Troll It


Instagram is a really good place to find the best tweets. When posted on Twitter, the tweets can get lost and you’ll never find them but thanks to Instagram, you can find accounts that dedicate their posts to screenshots of funny or though-provoking tweets and they come in handy especially to people who are not on Twitter.

Twitter noticed this too. They went active on Instagram by posting a couple of screenshots of tweets calling out Instagram.

Twitter took this tweet and posted it as six individual posts.

They even credited her.

The tweets posted are getting new engagement on Twitter too

Sadly they weren’t paid

They now have almost 620,000 followers.

Tweets aren’t the only ones getting screenshotted, Tumblr and Reddit posts are also getting likes when users post them in a carousel format. The tweets get more engagement in terms of likes upto 2000 or more compared to when they are posted on Twitter where they can get 20 likes or 4 retweets.

Most of the accounts I follow on Instagram usually use the format – be it news or just regular memes. It is worth noting that meme content gets shared seven times more than non-meme content on Instagram.

Twitter going with this format is commendable, unlike the cringey tweets it posts on its official Twitter account as trie shard to appear conversational.

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