Branch Revamps Referral Program, Rolls out Flexible Repayments to Entice New and Current Users


Branch, a popular digital finance services app that launched in Kenya in 2015 boasts having over 2 million customers in sub-Saharan Africa. Since launching in Kenya, the fintech’s drive has been to unlock financial access to billions of underserved people around the world and has proved a continuous customer-centric progression while improving their services.

Revamped Referral Program with More Benefits

When Branch first launched in Kenya, their referral program allowed a customer to earn when they invited a friend. Here is how it worked: When you invite your friend using your unique invite code, you would earn Ksh. 500 when your friend successfully repays their first loan.

With the new referral program, when you refer your friends to sign up for Branch using your code, the two of you will each enjoy a bonus! Once your friend repays their first loan, you will earn Ksh. 500 and your friend will earn Ksh. 200 redeemable on the next loan.

Easy Access to Getting a Loan

Branch leverages data science to allow financial access for its users. In a normal day, Branch issues tens of thousands of loans and has since disbursed more than Ksh 25 billion and they recently issued its 10 millionth loan in Kenya early this year.


With Branch, it is now easier and faster to get a loan. Once you download the app from the Google PlayStore, it takes less than a minute to apply for a loan to check if you qualify for a loan to actually accessing the loan once they are qualified for it.

Once the loan is approved, that amount is sent straight to your M-Pesa account.

The app itself has a simple user interface with neatly spaced features that are easy to use with no need for assistance navigating through the app for both new and current users.

Loan amounts go to up to Ksh 70,000 depending on your consistency in repayment on time.

Branch promises new and current users that it is the most open digital lender in Kenya. Unlike other digital lenders with shylock behaviours, Branch emphasises on the transparency of what you are getting into once you sign up such as no origination fees, activation fees, processing fees, late fees or additional interest rates.

There’s all-round customer support within the app too in case you encounter an issue.

Loan Repayments

Longer repayment period

Unlike other rigid loan apps, Branch boasts of being the only digital lender in Kenya that offers loans repayable in more than 1 month.

The firm’s repayment plans range from one month to 12 months depending on the loan amount. In comparison, its competitors offer 1-month loans with high-interest rates.

Flexible Repayment Terms

Branch now allows its customers an option to choose between weekly and monthly repayment options to soften the pinch of paying the loans at once.

The longer repayment period option and flexible repayment terms come in handy especially if you are in business and the loan repayment depends on your business giving returns on investment. If you have for example even 3 months to pay off, and you make deposits of whatever you can get your hands, those count in ensuring you are not listed.


These new features Branch is rolling out to is users are welcome; from the ease of use of its app, flexible and longer payment periods, higher loan limits, transparency of the loans provided and the revamped referral program make Branch a worthy digital lender to consider when the need for a quick business loan or an emergency need for cash arises wherever and whenever you are.

Download the app here.


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