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Digital Lenders to Cut Access to Loans to Customers with Multiple Online Credit Apps

The mobile lending space in Kenya has grown significantly. Every other month or week, a new mobile loan app finds its way into the...

Kenya Banking Charter Proposes Tough Regulations for Online Lenders

The growth of online mobile lenders is unique to Kenya for one primary reasons: mobile money services. Mobile loan apps have made a killing...
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3 Easy Ways to Improve your Creditworthiness

Creditworthiness is how a lender determines how worthy you are to receive a loan and what loan amount you are eligible for. The journey to an excellent credit score is an intentional and tactical one.
NIC Bank

NIC Bank Joins the Mobile Loan Bandwagon With New Product

NIC Bank has introduced mobile loans for its users. This means that customers can now access the insanely popular service via the lender’s mobile...
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TECNO’s Parent Company is Coming for Branch, M-Pesa Pockets

With the growth of mobile money services in Kenya and around a few African countries it is only natural for any company with the...
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This is Why Your Android Phone Isn’t Scoring You Loans

The growth of mobile loans in the local market has seen tremendous leaps as new institutions dive into such businesses to reap the benefits...
Timiza App Team

Barclays Bank’s Timiza App is Official with Instant Loans and Some Unique Extras

Mobile loan apps, payment gateways and other financial services that take advantage of mobile money services and deeper smartphone penetration have blown up in...

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