Andela is Letting Go Over 400 Developers in Africa in Major Overhaul


Andela, the well known outsourcing and software developer training company has decided to make a radical shift in its business model.

The company today has announced that they are closing their D0 program in Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda. This means that they will let go of approximately 250 junior engineers in Nigeria and Uganda and an additional 170 in Kenya.

The company has made the radical shift to be focused on senior talent with junior talent layered in on top of it. “This shift in focus will allow us to better align with what the market needs, and in the process better connect brilliance with opportunity at all levels,” the company said.

The company realized that they want to provide high quality engineering as a service and the majority of demand is for more experienced talent. This is why they began sourcing and assessing mid-level and senior engineers who now represent more than 25% of their talent base.

They also realized that they had significantly more junior talent than they were able to place and that is why they are letting them go.

Andela maintains that they will support the ones affected by this shift in strategy by giving them access to learning programs and job placement services. They have also partnered with innovation hubs in each country like iHub in kenya and over 60 companies that are looking to hire the engineering talent.

In the future, Andela also says that they will hire an additional 700 experienced engineers by the end of 2020.

Andela has made some moves this year. They raised $100 million series D round on January this year and they appointed a former BRCK executive as Kenya’s Country Director quite recently.