Andela Raises $100m Series D Round Led by Generation Investment


Two of the 1000 Andela developers working out of the Lagos office

Andela, the corporation which was launched in 2014 to identify and train software developers in Africa has concluded a $100 million Series D funding. The round was primarily led by Generation Investment Management, with input from current funders including Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, GV, Spark Capital, and CRE Venture Capital. This development has raised the firm’s venture funding to $180 million.

Andela, which receives thousands of applications every year, has been instrumental in its trade that identifies and moulds engineering expertise. It has since hired 1,100 developers worldwide who have been integrated into key companies such as Kenya’s Safaricom.

“It’s increasingly clear that the future of work will be distributed, in part due to the severe shortage of engineering talent,” says Jeremy Johnson, co-founder, and CEO of Andela. “Given our access to incredible talent across Africa, as well as what we’ve learned from scaling hundreds of engineering teams around the world, Andela is able to provide the talent and the technology to power high-performing teams and help companies adopt the distributed model faster

The funds will be used to expand Andela’s performance by accelerating the growth of its trade in technology, which entails developing talent at a scale.

The software company continues to offer developer performance to customers and is likely to push this agenda with new resources. Andela is also looking forward to expanding its bases to other African states, although details of this development are yet to be revealed.

“Kenya and the African continent is pivotal to the growth of our increasingly digital world,” says Joshua Mwaniki, Country Director at Andela Kenya. “In four years, Andela has integrated Kenyan technologists with hundreds of leading engineering teams around the world. This latest round of funding enables us to continue scaling and innovating with technology, whilst also helping define Africa’s future in the tech landscape.”

Currently, Andela has bases in Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda and Rwanda.


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