Google to Launch Android 10(Go Edition) Later This Year, Promises More Security and Speed


Google is set to launch Android 10(Go Edition) slated for devices with less than 1.5GB RAM and it is going to more secure and faster than the previous Android Pie(Go Edition). Users should expect apps to launch 10% faster as Android 10(Go Edition) promises to be more faster and come with enhanced reliability when multitasking.

For security, Android 10(Go Edition) adopted Adiantum. Adiantum is a new form of encryption meant for lower power devices Google announced in the spirit of Safer Internet Day earlier this year. This effectively means that users of Android 10(Go Edition) will have the same level of data security as any Android device without compromising performance. With this increased security, Google hopes the next billion people coming online for the first time do it safely.

The Go edition gets a new logo too after Google rebranded Android.

Over 1600 device models from over 500 manufacturers have been sold in over 180 countries will launch with Android Pie(Go Edition) – meaning over 80% of entry-level Android devices have been powered by Android Go including Safaricom Neon(600,000 devices sold this year alone), Xiaomi Redmi Go, Tecno Spark 2.

Devices running Android 10(Go Edition) are expected to launch later this year and as usual, come with preinstalled Google Go apps such as YouTube Go, Gallery Go, Gmail Go, Google Assistant Go, Files by Google and Maps Go.

Third-party apps have also enhanced their apps to work on Android Go devices such as Spotify Lite, Twitter Lite and Facebook Messenger Lite, Uber Lite, Instagram Lite, Amazon Kindle Lite.

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