Your iPhone 11/11 Pro Will Notify You if a Fake Display is Installed


apple new ipod touch

Apple made touchscreens cool on smartphones and since then, most smartphones sport some form of touchscreen.

The unintended effect to this is that they made phones quite delicate. Glass is glass and glass breaks. We use the touchscreen to control multiple aspects of the phone and if it breaks, we are forced to repair.

Well, Apple is cracking down on practices where people install fake screens on their new iPhones.

According to a support document, your new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max will show you a message if your display is unable to be verified. You can know this buy going to Settings > General > About and if you get that message, it means the display that you have is not genuine. You will receive the notification on your lock screen for the first 4 days you use the device and after 15 days in the Settings app.

Apple wants your iPhone display repairs be done with ‘certified technicians’ who use genuine Apple display parts.

The company warns of issues that may arise if you get a non-genuine display part. You may experience multitouch issues, display may not turn off during phone calls, true tone won’t work properly, lower maximum brightness, unintentional battery drain, accidental touches might register, display may not be uniformly bright and much more.

Apple recommends that you service your iPhone at an Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider or sending it to an Apple Repair Centre. This may prove difficult in locations like Kenya but at least you know your shiny new iPhone 11/11 Pro will warn you if you get a fake screen.