Rooney’s Wife Uses Instagram’s Close Friends to Figure out a Snitch

coleen rooney
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This has to be one of the best ways I’ve seen to out a snitch, and it was done thanks to Instagram Stories.

Coleen Rooney, Wayne Rooney’s wife shared on Twitter of how she was able to discover the source of fake news about her and how she did it was pretty clever.

Coleen says that someone had been consistently informing the SUN newspaper of her private posts and stories without her permission and knowledge. She says this took a while to figure out who it was and she had a suspicion.

To out her snitch, she hatched a clever plan. She ‘blocked’ everyone from viewing her Instagram Stories except one account. Over the past five months, she posted a series of false stories to see whether it would end up on the tabloid. These stories ended up being posted on the Sun Newspaper.

Coleen says that it was “tough keeping it all to herself and not making any comment at all” about this issue, especially when the stories have been leaked. However, today she decided to reveal which individual was doing all of this and she was certain of it. The perpetrator was Jamie Vardy’s wife, Rebekah Vardy.

Coleen says that she has evidence, in that she has screenshotted all the original stories which show just one person has viewed them.

This is a very clever use of Instagram’s feature and Coleen was able to use it to her advantage. Instagram’s Close Friends feature allows you to limit who can view a certain Story and you can see who did it. Well, it seems Rebekah Vardy didn’t notice the ‘green’ label that was her trap.

Also, AS Roma, an Italian football club blocked Rebekah Vardy on Instagram.


Rebekah Vardy responded to Coleen Rooney’s claims on Twitter with this post.



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