Instagram to Add Direct Messaging Feature to its Web Interface


Instagram has mainly been focusing on upgrading features on its app and neglecting its web interface but that’s about to change. The giant photo-sharing platform didn’t want its users to leave the app and has recently started adding few features on its web interface.

The DM feature has been highly requested and it’s a huge relief that they are finally working on it.

People can only access their DMs via different workarounds such as through the mobile web, enabling developer mode and setting it to a mobile device, using third-party Instagram chrome extensions, the official Instagram app for Windows 10 and Flume, IG:dm  for Mac among other apps.

Reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong found that Instagram is testing a way to access your private messages on the web.

The interface looks similar to the Messenger one as Facebook plans to integrate all its messaging apps and allow users to chat between Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram.

It was about time


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