How to Access Your Instagram DMs from the Web or the Desktop


Instagram really doesn’t want you to leave the app at all costs especially since it began as app unlike its parent company Facebook which started from the web and then later launched for our smartphones. The giant photo-sharing platform is too slow to add features from its mobile app to the desktop version. It was only late last year that they added support for browser notifications and the ability to view and not upload stories. One feature users have been requesting to have is the ability to read and reply to your messages from the desktop.

Here are a few things you can do to access your direct messages:

Mobile Web

You can log in to your Instagram account on mobile from your favourite browser and voila, Instagram Direct will be there for you. This feature was announced early this year and it is finally here. It was supposed to come with a desktop counterpart but for that, we’ll have to wait a little bit longer. Use this link or copy-paste this to your address bar.(

Developer Mode

By clicking on the F12 button on your keyboard, you get access to developer tools and that lets you change the device you’re accessing a site from.

It’s kinda geeky but fun to try out. On the top left corner of the new developer window, click on the icon that shows a phone next to a tablet. scroll back on top of the Instagram page and select a device of your choice, the interface changes but you’ll have to refresh the page to get all the features such as the messages button.

App for Instagram with DM Chrome Extension

App for Instagram with DM is an Instagram Client that tweaks the platform to give it a mobile app interface that comes with al features the app would like the ability to post Stories.

Get it here.

Use the Instagram App for Windows 10

The official Instagram app is the best alternative right now. It’s already in the Microsoft Store and packs all the features you’d need. Most Instagram alternatives don’t come with certain features such as the ability to decide what collection a photo you bookmarked goes to.

Use Flume App for Mac

This is the best option for Mac users as you get full access to Stories and other features such as posting new content, reposting, search and messages.

Get it here.

Use IG:dm

IG:dm is a free Instagram alternative for Mac, Windows and Linux that will also let you manage your direct messages.

One feature that I haven’t seen in any other app is the ability to quote chat messages but not the way WhatsApp does it. That for me is pretty dope, I think.

Get it here.

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