[UPDATE: 200 million smartphones shipped] Huawei Sees 29% Growth in Smartphone Shipments Despite U.S. Trade Ban


[UPDATE] Huawei has just announced that they have shipped 200 million smartphones in 2019. In 2018, they shipped the same number of smartphones but this year, that milestone was crossed just 64 days early.

The trade ban on Huawei hasn’t affected them that much, at least according to their third-quarter(Q3) financial results. The Chinese tech giant just posted a 2.4% increase in revenues since the financial year began compared to last years. For the first quarter, Huawei ‘s net profit margin in H1 was at 8.7%.

Huawei reported selling a total of 185 million units in the first three quarters. In H1, Huawei shipped 118 million units and in Q3 presumably shipped 67 million units. This is good news as Q1 and Q2, the company reported shipping 59 million units each. That’s a 13.5% increase from Q2 and Q3 after Donald Trump put them in the U.S entity list.

When compared to the same quarter last year, Huawei recorded a 29% growth despite the ongoing trade ban. The company accounted for $87.5 billion in total revenues for the first three quarters.


The company also took pride in showcasing its expanding 5G networks in the world. They recently got approved by Germany that said it won’t ban Huawei or any 5G supplier upfront.

Huawei also talked about its Horizon Digital Platform that has been adopted by 228 of the Fortune Global 500 companies and 700 cities.

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