Safaricom Introduces Data and Calling Bundles that Dont Expire


Safaricom Chairman Nicholas Nganga

Safaricom has today announced a new type of data bundle that will delight many.

The telco giant has introduced data and calling bundles that do not expire which is a feature we have been waiting for so long.

You can buy these ‘no expiry’ bundles from mySafaricom app or by dialling the usual *544#. You need to update the mySafaricom app to get the new feature.

On the mySafaricom app under the data and calling plans, you will see the new option to buy the no expiry bundles.


mySafaricom app
New ‘no expiry’ data bundles

You can enter as much as you want to spend and the app will show you how much data or calling time you’ll receive. If you wish, you can still buy the usual data bundles that expire down below.

When you use the USSD code *544#, this is what you see.

Safaricom no expire bundles

You’ll follow the prompts as needed to buy the no expiry data or calling bundles.

This news comes when Safaricom is celebrating its 19th birthday today. It also comes a day after a lawyer sued the company and other telcos of having data bundles that expire.

In the continent, Ghana recently directed telcos to stop offering data bundles that expire, and their government had specific reasons for that.

This  development great is for the consumer and finally we can buy data or calling bundles that we know won’t expire before they are exhausted.