5 Things You Need to Know About the Perfect Resume


Does your dream company finally have a vacancy for the job you have the skills for? Well then get ready to apply for the job.

But that would require you to send in the most perfect resume you can make. A resume is the first impression that can make them consider you for the job. Here is a guide for you following which you can make the perfect resume.

1.     A Tailored Resume

Now the most common mistakes candidates do is send the same resume to every company without realizing that hiring employees catch on these simple things. The resume that you send with information about you should be as per the job vacancy you’re applying for. The resume is like proving that you can handle the job well and have all the skills that are needed to get the job done. This is an important step that most people miss make sure you don’t!

2.     A Well Formatted Resume

Your resume is something that represents you so it would be well formatted and structured. For that we suggest that you use adobe spark resume templates, they have the perfect set format for every kind of resume.

A well- layout resume has the following

  • It has a resume font that is easy to read and comprehend. Also, it should have a font size of 11 or 12 and for the headlines, the size should be 13 or 14.
  • There should be a one-inch margin space in all four corners of the paper and also in between each section.
  • The heading you write should be eye-catching and visible enough.
  • Your contact details should be placed on the resume.
  • With bold and italics you can divert your recruiter’s eye wherever you want him to see you

3.     A Show of Your Skills

Employers these das prefer people who have relevant experience in doing the job as it makes their job to explain and train easier. Hence in your experience section try to show job experience which will let them know that you can handle the job. Your experience section also validates you as a reliable candidate and tells your employer that you can handle the work.

Set your skills section in a way that the employer doesn’t miss it and don’t go overboard mention your skills, only show relevant ones.

4.     Double-check the content

The content of your resume has to be precise but more importantly, it should have absolutely no typos in them. A typo can break your chances of even getting on the first list of selections. So go through your resume as many times as you want until you are sure it’s perfect. Remember there are no second chances here!

5.     Cover letters

The cover letter of your resume is the most difficult part to get through but they play an important role. Cover letters double your chances of getting the job and you don’t want to lose any chance of getting selected.

In this digital age where everything is going fast, the human attention span is short. Hence first catch their attention using the format and don’t lose it at any point with mistakes. Hopefully, you will get the job and this will be the start of your career.