Facebook Begins Testing Popular Photos, an Instagram Feed-Like Feature


With growing numbers on Instagram and dwindling Facebook numbers, Facebook is now trying to clone features from its popular platforms in a bid to keep users engaged on the app. Facebook recently introduced new branding for all its apps, gave their parent company a weird logo that got mocked on Twitter.

Facebook is now testing Popular Photos feature that’s similar to the Instagram feed and here’s how it works:

When you tap on a photo that appears on the Facebook news feed and swipe down, you’ll encounter “See more photos” bubble that will let you scroll down for more unlike the current layout where if you swipe down you are redirected back to the news feed.

This new experience will feel like Instagram’s endless feed and you never have to see posts from friends or encounter links. However, unlike the wordy captions on Instagram, Popular Photos will truncate the captions to only around 65 characters.Facebook Popular Photos

Photos showcased on Popular Photos be full-screen on a black theatre-view background.

Videos are getting the same treatment. When you tap on “More Videos” they’ll automatically auto-play plus facebook will include video ads too. Facebook could in the future include ads in the Popular Photos feature.Facebook More Videos

Facebook now has a couple of features it has cloned such as Stories(Group Stories were shut down), messaging, profiles, and its Watch video hub that has an IGTV layout. Only two features are missing – Explore Tab and a dedicated media feed that keep Facebook from becoming an Instagram clone.

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