Communications Authority Reinstates Francis Wangusi as Director-General


wangusiA couple of months ago, the tenure of Francis Wangusi as the Communications Authority’s Director-General came to an end. The obvious step was appointing his replacement.

Wangusi, however, was not ready to hand over the baton to Ms. Wanjau due to some technicalities such as lack of a board to make such appointments. Later on, a 13-member board was constituted. Ms. Wanjau was then appointed as interim DG, but people close to the matter as argued the exercise (selection of a new board, and the appointment of Ms. Wanjau) was not done according to the constitution.

Popular activist and lawyer Okiya Omtata, among other people, sought the input of the courts, which they expected would revoke the appointment of Mercy Wanjau.

In the time that court deliberations have dragged on, the Acting DG performed her duties, and, as expected, received backing from the CA.

However, today’s court ruling has reinstated Francis Wangusi’s position, meaning Ms. Wnajau is no longer serving the DG office.

The board has also been disbanded. A new one will be selected in the coming days. Until that happens, Francis Wangusi will be CA’s CEO.

It’s worth noting that Wangusi’s tenure had expired, so he won’t steer the ICT regulator for long.