Google Photos Has a Neat Feature to Help You Relive the Best Moments of 2019

Google Photos

Google Photos

Google Photos, a photo-sharing and storage service from the Mountain View-based tech giant has a really neat feature for its users as the year ends. The Google Photos app is generating a special album – best moments of 2019. This feature is yet to be rolled out as only a few users have come across it. The album is a curated collection of photos in your Google Photos library and the app sends a standard “View your new photo book” notification prompting you to “Relive the best moments.”

Google Photos Best Moments of 2019
Image courtesy | 9To5Google

60 photos make the photo book and they are arranged chronologically – users can adjust the layout and arrangement by reordering or deleting pages in bulk through the overflow menu, and open each page to choose a border style.

Google is also offering users a physical copy of the photo book for you to purchase in softback(7″ with 20 pages) or hardback(9″ with 20 pages) for $9.99(each extra page $.35) and $19.99(each extra page $.65) respectively.

If you haven’t gotten the notification, simply head to the navigation drawer in the app or the Print Store. The photo book should appear as the first item in the “Photo books made for you” carousel.

Google recently launched a private messaging feature for quickly sharing photos to resolve its privacy flaws, debuted Gallery Go( a Google Photos alternative for low spec’d phones), added manual face tagging, pet photo sharing and timestamp editing plus allowing for dark mode in non-Android 10 smartphones(read more about dark mode here).

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