US and Iran Escalate their Beef, Twitter Jokes about World War III



Today, the United States confirmed that they were behind the strike that killed Qassim Suleimani, a powerful Iranian general. Iran responded by saying that they will retaliate hard due to this attack. “The great nation of Iran will take revenge for this heinous crime,” Iran’s President, Hassan Rouhani said on Twitter.

This situation is not amusing at all but for some reason, Twitter has decided to turn it into a World War III situation. The whole timeline has been turned into a meme fest and here are some of them.

Immigrants saying they are not a citizen

Snap Map after the war

Someone coming back home after the war

Disguising yourself so that you’re not drafted for the war

People using their years of Call of Duty playing experience

This person decided to block the US Army Twitter account

Opportunists everywhere

This one is pondering

China and Russia looking from the background

When you fake your death in World War III

Everyone when World War begins

Canadians when their neighbour is all up at war

People trying to avoid being drafted b the military

Others started joking of how they will pull up when they touched down in Iran

People are still Googling ways to avoid being drafted for the war

They might be at the way but they have to replace their FPL players someday

All those people who said 2020 will be their year

North Korea is out there mad

Some will be happy if they were in jail

And of couse, we had to use the ghetto ratatata meme