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TikTok Sues Trump’s Administration Over Executive Order Ban

TikTok has sued the US government over the ban the Trump administration issued that affects its US operations. “We do not take suing the government...

TSMC Stops Taking New Orders From Huawei Due to Tighter US Export Controls

TSMC, the world's biggest chipmaker has apparently halted new orders from Huawei due to tighter US export controls. "TSMC has stopped taking new orders from...

US and Iran Escalate their Beef, Twitter Jokes about World War III

Today, the United States confirmed that they were behind the strike that killed Qassim Suleimani, a powerful Iranian general. Iran responded by saying that...
us firms to trade with huawei soon

US Companies May Resume Trading with Huawei Within a Month

Since May, the US government and China have been involved in a trade war and Huawei was greatly affected by this move. Huawei trades...

U.S. State Department to Require All Visa Applicants to Provide Their Social Media Usernames

The U.S State Department has already started to put into action last years proposal of requiring visa applicants to submit their social media profiles...

US Carriers Under Pressure to Cut Ties with Huawei Amid Security Fears

Huawei, the third largest smartphone manufacturer by sales has hit a huge wall. The company had intentions of launching their latest flagship phone, the...

The Highs and Lows of the Donald Trump Inauguration as Seen on Social Media

Donald Trump's Inauguration was held Friday last week and the various events that happened were covered very well on social media
captain america gives up

Captain America Loses Faith in the Country he Jealously Guarded

USA's general election was held yesterday and the whole world was waiting for the results of the election, especially the presidential one. The two...

The Pope lands in US Today, How Twitter Readies itself for the Visit

Twitter always strives to be the platform of choice where people can be able to follow a certain event that is happening somewhere in...
LG Optimus G

Smartphones marketshare: LG back at second spot in the US, ousting Apple

LG now has a 13% market-share in the United States compared to Apple's 12% in the home country. Apple has been facing stiff competition...

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