Samsung is Not Sure How Many Galaxy Folds They Have Sold

samsung Galaxy Fold

Galaxy Fold

Early last year, Samsung announced the Galaxy Fold which was one of the few folding smartphones that eventually shipped. However, when the phones were finally shipped to reviewers, they all simultaneously started malfunctioning. This led to them postponing the release commercially to Septembe after they finally fixed its main issues.

Last month, reports suggested that Samsung had sold a million of these devices which Samsung quickly refuted. Instead, Samsung was aiming to sell half a million of these $2,000 smartphones by the end of the year.

Well it seems like they did just that, or they are not sure how many Galaxy Folds they have sold so far.

According to Yonhap News, a Samsung exec in a way is not sure how many Galaxy Folds the company has sold so far.

“I think we’ve sold 400,000 to 500,000 Galaxy Fold smartphones,” Koh Dong-jjin,  Samsung’s President and CEO of their IT & Mobile communication divisions.

Although he seems not sure how many they’ve sold, it is pretty respectable for a first generation smartphone of its kind. Obviously, Samsung was not expecting to sell a ton of these, due to the high price tag and its reliablity, but 400,000 is not bad at all.

Samsung is actually rumoured to launchanother foldable, which has a clamshell design. This one looks starkly different from the galaxy fold which has a book-like design and this one looks like the RAZR folding phone that Motorola announced a while a

We will have to wait and see what Samsung will announce at Unpacked next month and maybe this could be the next Galaxy Fold.