Facebook for Web is Getting a Redesign for All in the Next Few Months

It features dark mode

facebook dark mode

Dark mode has become a trendy feature in recent times. It has its benefits like using websites and apps better at night and for batter savings purposes.

Facebook announced plans to roll out dark mode back in April during the F8 conference. Facebook started working on dark mode for their Android and iOS apps as well as the web version.

Facebook started testing out the dark mode rollout to a select few back in October and it seems now they have expanded that to more people.

According to CNET, Facebook has began rollling out its redesigned desktop experience that is less cluttered, has brighter icons and has dark mode.

A small percentage of people will be able to access this feature when they sign in to Facebook for the first time. The lucky person will see a pop up inviting them to test this new interface, which Facebook calls “The New Facebook.” If they agree to the changes, Facebook will set the background as either white or dark depending on your choice.

Facebook will offer people an option to switch back to the older look that they are used to if they do not like the older interface.

Apparently, this feature will fully launch in the Spring, which basing on the Northern Hemisphere means anytime between March and June.

The rolled out design for the web will follow the brand new interface design Facebook rolled out for their mobile apps. Dark mode will be a sweet addition to the web since a lot of people out thee use it daily even at night.facebook dark mode

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