Microsoft’s New Edge Chromium Browser is Here But It Misses a Key Feature

Microsoft Edge

Edge Chromium

Microsoft has finally launched its new Edge broswer based on Chromium which powers Google Chrome.

You can now download the new Edge browser which promises a lot of benefits of being based on Chromium and optimized for Windows 10.

There is a reason why Google Chrome has slowly become the top browser in the world. It is fast, has a ton of apps supporting it and works so well on YouTube.

Microsoft is releasing this Edge version to OEMs so we can expect it to be shipped in laptops soon. They will eventually integrate it to a future Windows 10 update. There will be also an ARM64 version of the app that that will come in the future.

edge chromium

If you download and install the app, you can notice its Chromium base. It syncs with your outlook email by default (in my case, my laptop’s outlook account). It will request permission to import your data from Google Chrome. You can go ahead to choose your custom layout then it leads you to the main page.

Although Edge is based on Chromium like Google Chrome, it lacks a few things we see on the latter. It lacks history and extension sync which can be a bummer if you rely on such data. However, you favourites, settings, addresses, contact info and passwors will sinc.

Edge Chromium has a feature we don’t see in Chrome. Collections allows you to collect and organize web content to Word or Excel. It also has tracking revention which has three levels (basic, balanced and strict) to detect and block known trackers.

The success of Edge Chromium will go down to whether it will be embraced by developers. This is one of Google Chrome’s main strengths and starting with a Chromium base was a great first step. Maybe in the future, we won’t need to download Google Chrome anyway since Edge will be pretty good.