How to Use Twitter’s Emoji Reactions in Your DMs

Twitter Emoji Reactions

Finally, after months of waiting, Twitter has finally rolled out emoji reactions. With this feature, you can add a reaction to direct messages using the normal selection of your emoji similar to Facebook’s reactions. When you tap on a reaction emoji, all participants in the direct message will receive a notification.

How to Use Twitter’s Emoji Reactions

When you hover over a message and click the heart and plus icon, a reaction will be added. Also when you double-tap on a message, reaction emojis will pop-up and you can pick one.

Twitter Emoji Reactions Direct Messages

The preset emojis include a laughing face, sad face, thumbs up, and heart.

It is also possible to undo a reaction at any time and it will be removed for all participants.

Clicking or tapping on the reaction emoji will let you view who reacted to the message.

It’s worth noting you can even react to years-old messages.

Apple’s iMessage and Instagram’s DMs have this feature. However, you can only like a message on Instagram. Both reactions make it easier to acknowledge another message without needing to reply.

These reactions come in handy if you don’t feel like having a conversation or don’t know how to end one.

This feature already has tweeps excited

I completely agree

Reaction emojis are rolling out to users on Android, iOS and the web.

For those still using an older version of Twitter(please update), they’ll see reactions displayed as text.

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