Huawei’s CEO Believes Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Will Come to App Gallery


Huawei Experience Store

Huawei is still on the United States entity list which bars it from transacting with American companies. This has forced them to release phones that do not have Google services like the Mate 30 Pro.

To counter the lack of Google services, Huawei decided to have their own ecosystem which they can control. The problem is that it lacks popular apps that people outside China use and they seem to be working on that.

According to Gadget Match, Huawei Mobile CEO, Richard Yu said that some of the most used social media apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will be arriving on the AppGallery soon. App Gallery is Huawei’s Play Store alternative. He apparently believes that they will be available on their app store soon.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are used by billions of people around the world so it would be imperative for Huawei to add them as soon as possible. Lack of such popular apps will make it harder for Huawei to convince people to use their phones that lack Google services.

He also said that the US ban got into the way of the global rollout of the original Mate X which was their first foldable. They hve a new Mate X and maybe the AppGallery with its new apps will change its fortunes.

Recently, Google warned Huawei customers not to sideload its Android apps on new and uncertified devices due to a “high risk of installing an app that has been altered or tampered in ways that can compromise user security.”