Uber Introduces PIN Code Verification For Trips For Kenyan Users

uber pin verification now in kenya

Uber Kenya RideCheck


Uber has announced a new safety feature for the Kenyan market that adds to their suite of safety related features.

Starting this week, Uber users in Kenya will have the option to opt in to receiving a four digit PIN code to provideo to the driver before starting a trip.

Uber hopes that this added layer of security will ensure its riders will get into the right car and drivers are picking up the correct rider.

You can opt in to this feature by navigating to your app settings and tapping “Verify your Ride.” You can choose to use the PIN verification feature on every trip or only during evening trips (9pm to 6am).

When you enable it, you will receive the four digit PIN code in the app when the driver is en-route to your pick up location. When the driver arrives, you can verbally provide the PIN before entering into the vehicle. The trip will only begin after the driver enters the correct PIN.

This feature is geared to make sure that you are getting into the correct Uber before the trip begins. We

This new safety feature follows Uber’s new Safety campaign where they seek to make rides safer for their customers. They had a safety workshop last year in November which they took the opportunity to launch Ride Check in the country. Ride Check proactively surfce tools that both the driver and th rider will need when they detect something might have gone wrong. They do that from data from GPS and other sensors from the phone.