Safaricom PostPay Revamped With Lots of Data, Starts at Kes 1000

Karibu Postpay

Safaricom CEO Michael Joseph

Data and call plans are some of the hotly contested products for any mobile carrier. Market leader Safaricom has been at the forefront in this regard, having worked hard to offer innovative products for its near 34 million customer base.

Today’s proposition is the Karibu post-pay product, which is receiving a facelift after staying unchanged for a while. Remember, prepay customers constitute the lion’s share of that customer base, hence they’ve been the greatest beneficiaries of newer and better products, including the recently launched No Expiry bundle, and an added 50 percent bonus on those data and voice units.

By now, you have already seen the Safaricom Postpay option on the *544# access code. It just launched and brings some exciting developments to the table.

This time round, the new postpay is categorized into three plans, starting at Kes 1000 to 3000. This is an interesting price range, and will likely appeal to groups that make lots of calls (business execs, parents, and family members who prefer voice calls over any other form of mobile communication).

Here is how Safaricom has broken the Postpay plans down:

  1. KES 1000 gives you 5GB of mobile data, 400 minutes to any network and unlimited SMS.
  2. KES 2000 nets you 15 GB of data, more than double minutes at 1000 and unlimited SMS. The calls can still be made to any network.
  3. KES 3000 gives you 25 GB and pushes the minutes to 1500. SMS, of course, unlimited.
  4. KES 5000 has unlimited data, SMS and 2500 minutes
  5. KES 10000 has unlimited data, SMS and voice.

We like the fact that you can make calls to any network. This message was not the case with the original postpay where calls to other operators were limited to 100 minutes for a KES 1000 plan.

However, you still need a deposit to hop right in. Initially, you had to visit a Safaricom care Shop and leave a bunch of documents for them to activate postpay. This friction has been eliminated.

Does this plan appeal to you? We’ll make a comparison to existing prepay products for the same price range. The beauty of it, however, is that you’ll make calls and browse the net and pay later, which comes in handy if you don’t have money for your phone plan at a given time of the month.