Safaricom Will Integrate M-Ledger on the new MySafaricom App

Safariccom M-ledger app

Safariccom M-ledger app

M-Ledger is was developed due to MPESA’s continued use in the country. It became popular because it was able to obtain data from your MPESA transactions and display them in a useful manner. Its popularity made Safaricom acquire the app back in 2014.

The app was available on the PlayStore as a separate download but it was recently removed. This is due to Google’s change in policy which restricted access to SMS and call log permissions. This forced Safaricom to remove M-Ledger from the Play Store and people have been wondering when they will bring back the app.

This app was incredibly popular and Kenyans have been asking Safaricom for almost 2 years now why they discontinued the app.

Well, there is good news. Safaricom announced yesterday that they will bring back M-Ledger functionality.

It won’t be a separate app as before but instead, it will be integrated on the new mySafaricom app. By the way, the new mySafaricom app was also announced yesterday which features a new user interface. The new mySafaricom app is still ‘early access’ which means it is still not fully baked in yet but the changes are more than welcome.

The decision to integrate M-Ledger to the MySafaricom app will make a lot of sense. MPESA is already integrated into the app and the addition of M-Ledger will be an incredible value add to get insights of your transactions. Safaricom has also integrated a number of features to the new MySafaricom app like the Zuri Bot and paying for Home Fibre so it is not a surprise that they will include M-Ledger too.

We will probably see this feature be integrated on the new mySafaricom app in the near future and we shall update you when it is finally updated.


  1. The issue of Safaricom integrating mledger with mysafaricom app far is is definitely good news. It was such a useful app. But this announcement was made in March 2020! Can’t wait to enjoy it’s functionality. Safaricom,we waiting

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