Touch Movers Promises to Make Moving Houses a Much Painless Process

Bevon Moindi Bosco
Bevon Moindi Bosco, Managing Director - TouchMovers

Bevon Moindi Bosco

We must admit that there is nothing fun about moving or switching houses, especially in an urban setup like Nairobi. We have also heard stories about the ordeals people went through while shifting from one location to another… and you know what? These stories are often right. But it doesn’t have to be that way because moving is something that can be done conveniently if you are ready to look around and spend some money just for the comfort and satisfaction you are likely going to get afterward.

Speaking of Nairobi, people have moved from house to house using the same old methods: searching for a lorry or pickup truck from your local centre, and negotiating your price with the truck owner based on where you are moving to. It is a complicated process that consumes a lot of time, and in some cases, the client does all the heavy lifting such as wrapping house appliances and load them to a truck. At their new residences, they are tasked to the same chores, and it can drain you if you have a lot of stuff. And as I said, it is never fun.

Out of the tens of moving companies you have heard of or experienced their services with varying levels of satisfaction, Touch Movers is striving to make a name for itself because it believes it has something new to bring to the table. Besides the obvious convenience, the company, which was started back in 2014 and has been carrying out its trade from Membley, Ruiru, has a handsome website because what is the point of doing business in a city where millions of residents spend their time online without an online presence?

The website, which was launched more than two years ago details all the products and services it deploys. Want to move houses or offices to any part of the country or within Nairobi? They handle that. How about handling items and transporting them to, say, Dodoma, Tanzania? Touch Movers says they are at your disposal. The company further handles transportation tasks such as tents and chairs to weddings and even sets them up as advised by clients.

All these sound straightforward, so let’s break down the details that customers usually don’t find elsewhere, or fail to ask when moving:

  • It is very important that you are upfront about the size and amount of items in your house when you are seeking the services of movers, in this case, Touch Movers.
  • The home appliances and materials are categorized as bulky items, which include sofa sets, wall units, study and dining tables, the number of beds, as well as kitchen items such as a fridge.
  • Bulk items are what define the quotation. Not the electronics because those are light and never affect truck space or transportation.
  • Unfortunately, the quote cannot be auto-calculated from the site. However, the site has a chat feature, hence you can easily reach out to the company Managing Director, Bevon Mondi Bosco.
  • In case correspondence has not been established on the site, the company will call and hit your email with the quote. From there, you can engage them further for the moving exercise.
  • Besides the number of bulk items, Touch Movers usually asks about the number of bedrooms in your house, as well as the floor you reside at if it is a flat. The floor location in your new house is also part of the price because the company will move the household items to it, and arrange them for you if you so wish. Furthermore, the presence of an elevator goes a long way to cut the quote, so that is a consideration you should keep in mind.

For the spirit of honestly, the company admits that near 70 percent of its clients are new to the service, that is, they are likely using a moving service for the first time.

“At first, the quotation usually scares them off because they are used to pay less for a more traditional moving service,” says Mr. Moindi.

What customers fail to grasp is the convenience of the exercise. Upon securing the services of Touch Movers, all they have to do is sit back and watch the company work. In fact, those engaged with work errands can leave the entire process to Touch Movers, and stroll to their new house in the evening. It is that easy.

However, Touch Movers usually advises clients to be on the ground because they are new faces in a building, and for security reasons, the tenant needs to be there to facilitate the exercise. The same tenant must also make sure that he or she has informed his landlord/caretaker of the move.

I know some of you want to know about the security of your items. Well, the company will advise you to keep your valuable items with you: phones, delicate electronics, school certificates, money … name them. However, this does not imply that those items will disappear at the hands of Touch Movers.

In case an item is broken by accident, the company will replace it. Other forms of accidents such as a broken flower pot can be cost-shared because let’s be real, those pots are delicate.

Remember when I said that Touch Movers has tricks up its arm to set itself apart from the rest? Well, one of them is speed. They will be in your old house at 8 AM, and depending on the volume of items, they will be on their way by 10-11AM. Also, depending on traffic and other factors, you should be in your new house by 2 PM. Urgent cases can also be addressed promptly.

However, for large households and big offices, moving can take longer than that. That is not bad if you ask me.

Secondly, their pricing is competitive. Say you are moving from Uthiru to Kasarani. Both houses are 1-bedroom with ordinary house items and are on second or third floors. The exercise will cost you between KES 15,000 – 20,000. Fair? We think so too.

Oh, if you have pets, Touch Movers will move them for you, but the exercise needs some more paperwork. Also, clients that need extra services such as storage of items for a while can be served at a small fee.

Finally, customers who know the convenience of these services can vouch for them because they go a long way to eliminate so many moving parts that make moving a tedious process. Touch Movers, therefore, wants you to know that when you choose them, they will touch your heart back, and will treat your items like their items. That is true – and to that, I add: the folks are professionals, efficient and friendly.