Trending Topics Show Nairobians Value their Fun

Nairobians drinking

Nairobians have limited ways to blow off steam and one main ways for them to have fun is by going to a bar. They have been complaining about this since the ban months ago on social media and yesterday was a big day.

Yesterday, President Uhuru Kenyatta gave his monthly address on the state of COVID-19 pandemic in the country. This is an event that generates a lot of fanfare on social media since people are always speculating what he will say.

This month, people were expecting the president to direct the re-opening of bars. These were closed months ago due to the pandemic and people were waiting for him to lift the ban.

Well, he did finally lift the ban against bars. Bars are now scheduled to be closed at 10pm to give people time to be back at home for the 11pm curfew.

As expected, Kenyans, especially Nairobians were ecstatic on social media where they shared their excitement about bars reopening, especially on Twitter. Nairobians have a strong bar going culture and it was rather obvious that they were excited on the inevitable opening of bars in the city.

As you can predict, people joked about this bar issue on all fronts,. This ranged from the President’s statements to the COVID-19 pandemic to the cat and mouse game between revellers and the police.

You can now drink alcohol, okay?

Tomorrow feels like a Friday

Now they started talking about what will happen if they miss the curfew time

When you leave the bar after partying all night then end up on public transport the next morning

Kenyans scambling for a last drink next to curfew hours

And the corona virus memes continued

Not surprised

Over 30 year olds were not spared either