Safaricom Revamps MPESA Global User Interface on MySafaricom App

The old mySafaricom app has a new update

M-Pesa Global

Safaricom has recently pushed an update to the old mySafaricom app  on Android (yes there is a new one) which adds a minor feature.

The update (version adds a new splash screen that shows Safaricom’s new tagline but the bigger update is the refreshed MPESA Global option.

mpesa global new user interface

The older version (left) had the MPESA Global options in list form while on the new update (right), they have laid it out in an icon tabbed form. This looks so much better than the previous option due to the various visual cues like the PayPal icon use.

On the old version, sending money to a mobile number, bank account and western union location were located on the send tab. In the new update, they have been lifted off from that option and laid it out so that you can easily use them.

They also decided to unbundle the opt-out option on the older version of the app and place it at the bottom of the screen and make it more prominent with a red visual cue.

This update will make it easier for people using MPESA Global to use the service while on the MySafaricom app.

MPESA Global was announced way back in late 2018 which opened up MPESA with integration with international financial services. It allows people to send and receive money from across the globe using money remittance services like Western Union and PayPal. Safaricom is serious with this product to the point where last year, they decided to pump over KES 400 million for its expansion strategy that will see it launch in new markets.