New Okoa Jahazi Feature Leaves Greedy Opportunists With Huge Debt

okoa jahazi glitch

new safaricom post pay

Safaricom has had a number of network glitches in the past. The famous one was when people realized they could buy a ton of data and airtime and Safaricom ended up fixing the problem.

This next problem is particularly hilarious because it led to opportunists being left with considerable debt.

About two days ago, Kenyans noticed that you could okoa multiple times and this meant you can have a ton of airtime for free. Usually, when you okoa, you have to pay your debt before you can request again.

Well, two days ago, people made it seem like Safaricom had a problem with the Okoa Jahazi system. So they planned to okoa as much as possible.

However, Safaricom confirmed that it is not an error per se and it was an “improvement” of the Okoa Jahazi where they allow multiple borrowing.

Some people took the opportunity thinking it was a glitch and they accrued huge Okoa Jahazi debt. People ended up having crazy Okoa Jahazi balances which ran into multiple of thousands and they were regretting heavily.

When people realized their mistake, they pleaded to Safaricom about their huge debts but their pleas were met with deaf ears.

Well, that will teach a few people not to hop into every “glitch” they see on the Internet because they never end well.

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