Airtel Offers Free Access to Longhorn Publisher’s E-Learning Platform

aritel longhorn

The coronavirus outbreak has forced a digital transformation of sorts to various industries around the world. A critical sector is the education one which has been affected thanks to the closure of schools in the country by the order of the President.

This has led to the eruption of various ways students can keep up with their education provided that they have an Internet connection. Well now, telcos are partnering with publishers to make this easier for students countrywide.

Airtel has partnered with Longhorn Publishers where they will provide free data access to the publisher’s platform.

When you check out Longhorn publisher’s e-learning platform, they have content from kindergarten to secondary school. That pretty much covers the majority of students that are at home right now.

Although it would be free to use the platform over the Airtel network, it seems like you still need to subscribe to access the content on Longhorn’s e-learning platform. Students can either for a monthly subscription, per term subscription or a yearly subscription and it is fairly priced. There is also a section where schools can pay for each of their students to access the content available.

We have seen the government and the private sector alike pushing the use of e-learning platforms due to the coronavirus outbreak. The government said that from next week, students will use YouTube and the Education Cloud as remote learning tools. Kenya ed-tech startups like Code Mashinani are offering to train teachers on online teaching which is a key component to distance learning.