This Microsoft Browser Extension Is Here to Take on Grammarly

Microsoft Editor

Microsoft Editor

Microsoft recently rebranded Office 365 to Microsft 365 as the Redmond-based tech giant forays into features that extend beyond the work life. One feature that is in direct competition with Grammarly is Microsoft Editor.

Grammar correction and spelling have been features of Microsoft’s Office apps and Microsft Editor improves upon these features and more as it offers writing suggestions powered by AI. Other features it offers include analyzing your writing, giving you statistics on readability, distinct words and time to read the document you’re working on.

There’s a similarity checker that will give you a huge amount of reference material when doing citations which students and researchers are going to love. Microsoft Editor will also have full sentence rewrites that make it even easier to optimize your writing for fluency, conciseness, or readability. You’ll only have to highlight a sentence, right-click on it, and then select “Rewrite Suggestions” from the context menu.


Editor’s essential spelling and grammar capabilities are available for free for email( and Outlook for the web), documents(Word for the web and desktop) and the web(with a Microsoft sign-in) through the browser extension for Chrome and Edge.

Microsoft 365 users will get additional powerful features included with your subscription such as access to advanced recommendations on style, clarity, inclusive language, and much more in 20+ languages.

The extension has begun rolling out and will be live globally “by the end of April“, it’ll be interesting to see how both play out according to their strengths.