Debunked: Safaricom Is Not Offering COVID-19 Cash Relief

Karibu Postpay

Karibu Postpay

COVID-19 pandemic is here and so is the rampant misinformation. The latest one doing rounds on Facebook-owned messaging platform WhatsApp concerns Safaricom. The text which is being forwarded on the app and other social media platforms says that Kenya’s largest network is offering cash relief to help people as a result of this health crisis while they stay at home.

“Safaricom PLC will be giving out KES 2500 to all of its users during this Corona Pandemic to help people while staying at home.”

They are various steps to be completed for one to reclaim the money once you click the link.

The unlucky people who fell for the scam soon realize that they have unknowingly subscribed to 40789_Apps_Carpetie.

Users even reached to Safaricom to question if its a valid promo. The Telco replied by saying that its a scam.

People can get gullible during this pandemic and it is imperative you stay well informed before you fall for scams like this.

Safaricom should also come up with ways to counter this problem by informing its subscribers and also booting out services like these that try to take advantage of this crisis to increase their subscription numbers.

Among the valid efforts Safaricom is doing to help reduce the effects of COVID-19 include:

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