Liverpool’s Mo Salah is the Latest Victim of ‘Twitter for iPhone’ Marketing Blunder

Mo Salah

Mo SalahBrands love using celebrities to publicize their wares. In this case, smartphone markers are known to splash substantial budgets for famous people, who are then taken to a photo-op holding the current device being advertised.

The celebs then share the shots on their various social media platforms, which, as market execs would tell you, goes a long way in making the smartphone known to the masses owing to the following they command.

This is all fun and games until a mistake is made, and the error is often seen on Twitter. See, Twitter shows which client you are using to send a tweet, which can either be a phone (Android or iOS) or a PC client also known as Twitter Web Client.

The mistake we are talking about is when a tweet is sent from a different platform from the handheld being advertised. Often, the most affected devices are Android smartphones, and we have come to get used to celebrities sharing the ads using their iPhones.

Today’s case is Mo Salah’s, a Liverpool player who currently one of OPPO Arabia’s ambassador. In what appears to be the new OPPO Find X2/Pro, the athlete has shared ad shots with the smartphone using his iPhone.

This blunder has always been talked about and showcases that these people don’t genuinely care about a new shiny, high-end Android phone.

They are there, splashing the widest smiles for the photo op because it is all about the money – which is not a bad thing because we all wanna get paid but can they at least pretend to use the phones for a day or two before trying to convince their followers to spend money on them?

Admittedly, iPhones are super popular, and they are used widely by popular figures because of the status symbol they represent, and because Apple has done a very good job marketing them. They also happen to be very good devices on the whole, and are packed with the best of specs, fluid software and amazing optics.

The same thing can also be said for the OPPO Find X2 that was obviously not used by Salah, or whoever is managing his socials.

The best option, that is if you cannot use anything besides your trusty iPhone, is sharing the ad using a PC client. However, that appears to be a lot of work for them, hence these marketing blunders.

It is also likely the tweet will be deleted and replaced with a ‘Twitter for Android’ client.