Eazzy Banking App Adds Fingerprint Recognition in New Update


EazzyEquity’s Eazzy Banking app has been a trusted banking solution for me for a decade now. I use it because it works for me; it is popular, meaning agency or ATM access is easy and effortless, and its mobile app, while not the best around, it is filled to the brim with features that I actually use.

Have I also mentioned that folks at Hospital’s Road Equity Centre don’t charge me monthly fees disguised as ‘service fees’ just to keep my account running?

The Eazzy Banking App now supports fingerprint unlocking. I am not sure when this update was sent (I am always on the lookout for new features), but I suspect it is a server-side update.

Those who will be setting up the app in their phones will see this feature. That is, the app will prompt you to add your fingerprint alongside your PIN for fast unlocking or transactions. This means that you will transact just fine without covering your phone from prying eyes.

Eazzy Banking App FingerprintI have also tried to look for the feature in the app’s settings menu but I have been unlucky. This means that for you to enjoy the feature, you should set the app up again.

Now, Eazzy Banking App adds to the likes of CBA Loop and DTB that have had this feature for a while. I am also looking forward to more finance apps taking this approach because our phones have some form of biometrics for authentication reasons.

Lastly, it is worth noting that the setting up the app is not as quick as it used to be because the bank is weeding out cases of fraud that were previously linked to the app: you need your bank details (account number), ID number and a phone address for a one-time PIN. Eazzy has made it easier this time around because you do not need an Equitel line for that function; if you had added your Safaricom number (or any other SIM) as your contact, the OPT can be send there. It is a breeze afterward.

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