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Eazzy Banking App Adds Fingerprint Recognition in New Update

Equity’s Eazzy Banking app has been a trusted banking solution for me for a decade now. I use it because it works for me;...
Eazzy App

Eazzy Banking App Finally Receives Support for Android 10

Android 10 has been around for a while, and this is the first time we have seen phone makers do a fine job in...
Eazzy App

Eazzy Banking App Constant Failure is Damaging Equity’s Online Brand

Mobile banking apps are the new norm in the Kenyan market now because people want to keep track of their money and transactions in...
Eazzy App

Eazzy Banking App Activation is Currently Out of Service

Banking apps have been around for some time, and it is unlikely your financial institution of choice does not have one, or a way...
Eazzy App

Eazzy Banking App Updated with Android 9 Pie Support

Equity’s Eazzy Banking app is a favourite financial tool for its users. I have been using it for near two years now, and in...

EazzyBanking App Fresh Coat of Paint Shifts Focus to Ease of Payments

In a digital world where people are doing most of their work on the go using their beloved smartphones, it makes sense why businesses...

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