Eazzy Banking Late Support for Android 11 Devices is Just Unacceptable


Equity Bank has one of the best banking apps named Eazzy Banking.

It is a go-to product for any customer with an Equity Bank account and smartphone.

When it works, and it mostly does (save for when their systems are down, which happens once per week or thereabouts), it is a life-saver.

It has since been updated with improved security features (you cannot transact without a one-time password – meaning your account must be linked to you phone number, which effectively makes it harder for fraudsters to try anything shady), although its cosmetics are the same (which doesn’t bother us because it just works).

One part the folks at Finserve (Equity’s offshoot development arm) have failed customer is updating the application to work in Android smartphones running Android 11.

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The issue was raised online sometime in 2020 (around the same time when Android 11 started hitting many phones), and the company’s social media team reported that the lender was working on an update.

Mind you, this was several months ago, so we expected the update would be sent in a timely manner.

It has not happened, and the issue has escalated because many phones now are running Android 11 (the likes of OPPO, Samsung and Nokia have since updated their devices, and more are incoming).

We understand that sometimes financial apps are made using older technologies. In other cases, Android progressively restricts features for security/privacy reasons making it ever harder to achieve certain functionalities in new models.

However, the bank has had a long time to iron some of their internal issues to ensure that customers can access their services.

In the past years, Equity has done fairly well in updating their app to the latest Android version available (I remember Eazzy Banking was updated to support Android 9 Pie and Android 10 in a timely manner).

However, this is February 2021 and the app has not been furnished with the latest updates to make it work in Android 11 (which is nearly 6 months since the Android OS upgrade was seeded).

To a customer who constantly uses the app, this is just unacceptable.

We hope the banking institution will address the issue because it is already too late.

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