Eazzy Banking App Now Works On Android 11 Phones

Equity Eazzy Banking Android 11

Eazzy Banking App has today been updated, which means that it finally works on Android 11.

Customers have been waiting for the update for a long time, and we are certain they are going to be excited about this development.

In the past, Equity has always tried to update the app to work optimally with the latest Android version available.

However, this time around, the lender failed to do so in a timely manner.

It should be noted that Android 11 was released nearly six months ago. We thought the bank would act fast and ensure that all its customers have a great experience, no matter which device and software version they are using.

While it is quite late, we are glad the update is here, anyway.

I am one of the customers who use the app nearly on a daily basis, and my phone has been running Android 11 since November 2020. The situation, as you would expect, forced me to use the STK menu (which is excellent, by far), and later got a device running Android 11.

So, if you have been having issues with the tool, this is the best time to hit the Play Store and update the application.

Lastly, we are not aware if the app works on modern Huawei phones that do not run Google services. We had tested it in the past, but it kept failing to connect to the internet. We hope the issue has been resolved.

In the meantime, enjoy [which also means we will stop making noise about it, for now.]