Equity Bank Quietly Releases Equity Mobile, Could Probably Replace Eazzy Banking App


Eazzy Banking App is one of the earliest online banking platforms to ever grace the country. It is a popular app, obviously, because the lender has the numbers, with more than 10 million customers in Kenya.

The platform basically allows customers to access their bank accounts from their smartphones. They can then transact, and even do much more. New customers can also open an account solely through the app.

Over the years, however, the app has been marred by a lot of issues.

First, it is not the most intuitive and good-looking app out there. The UI is dated, and everything about it just feels old.

While it is functional, the app is also subject to a lot of downtimes, especially on weekends when people want to access it for various reasons. Heck, even at the moment, Eazzy Banking is not even working on an issue that has been confirmed by the bank.

Nevertheless, these are issues that customers have learned to live with because as a whole, the app has actually made millions of people stop using services such as ATMs (the bank has been closing some of their ATMs across the country due to reduced usage, which makes sense because they cost a penny to run).

The app is also part of Equity’s digitization agenda. It has since promised to fully digitize all operations, including corporate ones, but it is yet to hit those targets.

Equity Mobile

Now, this appears to be another app that does the same thing as Eazzy Banking.

It is modern, intuitive, and generally packs the majority of the features you would find in Eazzy Banking.

We are not sure why the Bank has not talked about the new app, but our guess is that it is still testing it before rolling it out fully to the masses.

“Both of them are our different channels you can use to access the account, Equity mobile being the latest App which has enhanced features,” says Equity in a response to our inquiry.

For context, here are some of the things you can do with the app:

  1. Banking transactions (opening an account, add more than one account, download statements, block a card if you lose it, etc)
  2. Get access to loans
  3. Send money to Equity accounts, other banks both local and international, mobile and to prepaid/credit cards
  4. Pay bills (Read more about Equity Tills)
  5. Buy airtime
  6. Biometrics authentication
  7. Dark-mode support

As said, you can do the same things with Eazzy Banking, but why use it when Equity Mobile is so much better?

To note, we have not seen any kind of development for Eazzy Banking app. It has stuck to its archaic UI, and it is not even supported on Android 12 devices. Equity Mobile, on the other hand, does.

It is possible that Eazzy Banking might be axed in the long run (good riddance), so you might as well start getting acquainted with the new app.


  1. How do you rate Kenya in terms of FinTech compared with Africa and globe. Can you write a review of How CBK got fund from abroad to promote Mobile Money start up in Kenya.Am much interested. If possible mail @[email protected]

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