The Rise of the Online Betting Industry in Kenya

Sports betting

In Kenya, nearly all forms of gambling have been legal since the year 1966. In that year, the Betting Lotteries and Gaming Act delineated regulations that established the Betting Control and Licensing Board.

Thereafter, casinos were built. However, the industry has only risen significantly in recent years. The rise has been partly influenced by the accessibility of online casinos and mobile apps like the Betway Kenya app download that can be accessed easily on the play store. Other factors have contributed to the rise of the industry.

In this article, we will discuss the rise of the online betting industry in Kenya and the factors that have influenced the growth.

Internet Connection

In Kenya, the spread of the fiber optic cable has made internet accessible and affordable. The availabilty of the internet has made online betting popular among individuals and families.

Most Kenyans access the internet through their mobile phones. Therefore, mobile data is a key driver of internet adoption among Kenyans.

With data connected smartphones, owners can access several online betting apps like Betway. Since the apps allow players to earn online, they have become trendy among the youth.

Payment Options

The online betting industry has also risen due to the availability of payment options. Initially, most Kenyans could not access international casinos due to the lack of a means to deposit and withdraw from the online casinos.

But, most online casinos have bridged this gap by providing means for Kenyans to deposit and withdraw. Some sites accept VISA and MasterCard as a means of payment. This makes it easy for players to sign up and play in these casinos.

The payment option that has the most considerable influence on the growth of the industry is M-Pesa. This mobile money transfer technology is arguably the most convenient for most Kenyan gamblers online. Punters can quickly deposit and withdraw money to their online casino of choice directly to their M-Pesa account.

Sports Betting

Sports betting has been at the frontline of the rise of the betting industry in Kenya. Many Kenyan youths, like other youth in the world, love sports. Therefore, the introduction of sports betting spread like bush fire among the youth.

Online casinos like Betway, give the youth and other punters the chance to follow their favorite sport and make some money in the process. The success stories of punters winning huge jackpots of up to hundreds of millions have made sports betting popular.

Aggressive Marketing Strategies

The aggressive marketing strategies employed by online casinos have also led to the rise of the industry. Online casinos use the mainstream media to encourage potential clients to join.

They parade their jackpot winners receiving their fat cheques. The orientation of many youths to get rich quickly entices them to join the online casinos fast.

Furthermore, the casinos also use local and international celebrities to endorse their products. People tend to believe the celebrities they adore. Such endorsements have produced tremendous results.

Bottom Line

The online betting industry will grow even more in Kenya. This is because many unemployed youths in the country will continue to join these platforms to try and make a living. Higher internet and smartphone penetration are also expected to fuel the rise further.