Little Cab Introduces Online Ambulance Services in New Partnership


There is a pandemic going on, and Kenya has since introduced a curfew that stops movement from 7 PM to 5 AM.

What would you do in case of a medical emergency – and you do not have access to a vehicle?

These are some of the questions people have been asking themselves, among many others that sprung from movement cessation that the government introduced to manage the spread of the virus.

Taxi app Little says that those who need medical emergencies and are within its operation stations can seek the services of ambulances.

This development follows a partnership between the e-taxi company and St. John’s Ambulance.

The service is available in the Little app.

Little CEO Kamal Budhabhatti says the company is always looking into technology tools that can simplify people’s lives by offering convenient services.

“When people are in emergencies, they go online to search for ambulance services and contacts, which can be time-consuming and may not lead you directly to the contacts. With the Little app, a customer will simply log in and click ‘confirm ambulance’ within the Little Transport category and they immediately get connected to St John Ambulance dispatchers who send out the ambulances depending on the type of emergencies,” says CEO Kamal.

Similar to requesting a cab, users will be able to track the ambulance, with an estimated time of arrival.

The ambulance can reach to the distressed customer using a live map, which reduces time lost during the logistics of coordinating with the customer for an exact location.

Little app has evolved over an extended period and has since been imparted with key features that we have covered in previous publications. You can find out more about its journey here.