Twitter Adds Voice Notes on Twitter for iOS

twitter voice notes twitter for ios

Twitter has quietly added the ability to add voice memos on your tweets as spotted by a number of iOS users.

Accessing the new functionality is quite easy. On your compose window, you will see a new icon with a purple frequency icon. When you tap that, it loads a new window asking you “What’s happening. hit record” where you can record a voice note to send as a tweet.

When you send the voice note, it appears with a ‘voice’ tag at the right corner of the tweet and also includes your avatar as the voice note icon.

Voice notes are not new in the social networking scence. We have them on WhatsApp, Telegram and Instagram Inbox. Sometimes it is better to convey some certain messages this way and this could be a reason why Twitter is doing this test.

We can see people using this feature to talk about certain issues and hearing people’s voices will give the message a human touch as opposed to the robotic tweets. It will be interesting to see how this feature will be used by people. I can see it being used by people to talk about a certain topic or by people to apologize for something.

This is so far a feature we are seeing on Twitter for iOS only and we are not sure when it will be rolled out to Android or the web.

Also, I can add, I wanted this feature almost 6 years ago. Catch up, Twitter


Twitter finally announced the feature (who would have thought?) and they have added more information.

The ‘voice tweets’ as they call them will be upto 140 seconds long. If you reach the time limit, a new voice tweet starts automatically to create a thread.

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