How to Read Nation, Standard, The Star and Business Daily Newspapers Online


Kenyans can now access the main catalog of local newspapers from their mobile devices. Access is done following a collaboration between media houses and Safaricom.

The digital newspapers can only be accessed via mobile devices with Safaricom mobile data as we had mentioned in a previous story. The purchase is linked to a customer’s mobile number and must be verified using a mobile connection, and not Wi-Fi.

With that in mind, Safaricom says it is in the process of enabling purchases via Wi-Fi, which would mean that customers can read their issues from other devices such as PCs.

When the service was launched a couple of days ago, customers could only buy The Daily Nation, The Standard, Business Daily, and the Nairobian.

Now, Safaricom has added The Star and People Daily in a partnership that was announced early this week – making a total of six digital issues.


  1. Go to your phone app
  2. Dial *550#
  3. Select the target issue (listed)
  4. Make a payment (subtracted from airtime)
  5. Wait for a confirmation SMS with a link to the issue.


  1. Go to from your device
  2. Select ‘Discover’
  3. Click ‘Newspapers’
  4. Scroll through the publications and select your newspapers
  5. Buy by clicking on an issue. Payment will be subtracted from airtime.


The Star and People Daily cost KES 10 per issue.

The Daily Nation, The Standard, Business Daily, and the Nairobian cost KES 20 per issue.

All issues can be read for a maximum of 7 days. You do not own the copies (unless you buy print), and there is no way you can access the file from your device for obvious reasons (Kenyans being Kenyans are known for ripping off digital copies for sale or free distribution on the internet).

Reading is done in the Safaricom site.

Lastly, it is worth noting that the price is very attractive, but it won’t cost that for long. Once the promotion period elapses, customers will likely pay more for the copies. For now, enjoy.