5 Things You Need to Know About the Enhanced MTN Y’ello Talk

MTN Y'ello Talk

MTN Y'ello Talk

MTN recently announced the revamp of its voice solution for businesses. The solution dubbed MTN Y’ello Talk comes at a time when most businesses are encouraging their staff to work from home while aggressively seeking to connect with
new and existing customers to grow their businesses.

The improvements on the solution revolve around credibility, mobility and cost-saving which are key considerations for businesses during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are five things you need to know:

You get a 020-business line with extensions for your staff members

The 020 prefix gives your business a level of credibility and permanency. Business Credibility opens your business for more growth opportunities. The key to credibility is that it isn’t about you, as much as it may seem. It’s instead about other people’s perceptions of you or your business and how you come across to your audience, your customers and the world at large.

MTN Y’ello Talk Works on the office desktop phone, smartphone, tablet or personal computer

This capability makes the solution mobile. You and your staff can move around with your 020-office line everywhere you go. It comes in handy especially at such times when teams are encouraged to work remotely or on the go and still expected to be productive. The mobility is enabled by an Android, iOS and Windows application.

MTN Y’ello Talk is a voice over internet protocol solution

MTN Y’ello Talk’s VoIP capability enables one of the most affordable local business call rates at Ksh. 2 per minute, Ksh. 10 per minute to East African countries that are on One Network Area and the most competitive international calling rates.

Also, when you move around, you save on roaming charges.

MTN Y’ello Talk comes bundled with a hosted PABX

The cloud PABX saves you on Capital expenditure and the time it takes to source for and install the PABX hardware thus making it a faster solution to implement.

MTN Y’ello Talk can be integrated with Office 365 Teams application through Teams Direct Routing

When integrated with Office 365 Teams, Teams becomes the PABX and your staff can make inter calls and calls to other networks within the Office 365 Teams application.

The advantage of this is that you do not even need to buy the desktop phones for your staff nor the PABX thus saving you on costs. It also enables your teams to conveniently collaborate on the Teams collaborating features and at the same time calling within the application.

Here’s how to get started on MTN Y’ello Talk

Do you need some help in incorporating any of these solutions into your remote working plans? Send an email to [email protected] to request for a callback.

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