MTN Launches Managed Security as a Service Solution for Kenya Enterprises

Source: MTN Group

MTNMTN Business Kenya has launched MTN Managed Security as a service, a product that aims to supplement XaaS offerings by bringing peace of mind to enterprise customers. The announcement is preceded by increased cases of cyber threats, which have since been echoed by the Communications Authority of Kenya’s quarterly sector statistics reports.

“One of the main headaches today for IT security teams is keeping up with the ever-increasing cyber threats and the rise in its sophistication. We have unveiled the MTN Managed Security because breaches are on the rise and organizations are looking for more automated, evergreen threat detection and remediation that is neither complicated nor involves heavy capital investments,” noted John Muraya, Senior Manager, Solutions Architect at MTN Business Kenya.

The development makes MTN the first fully certified Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) in Kenya. It also gives businesses the option to secure their IT systems on a fully managed pay as you go model. The flexible payment model will also be complemented by the solution’s offering that gives security managers specialized skills and expertise that foster IT security, more competently and cost effectively as well as constant after sales support from MTN staff.

MTN says that organizations can take advantage of services such as end point security and managed firewall, to mention a few, on the MTN MSSP.

“IT security has outgrown in-house teams and the future of survival belongs to the bold enterprises that will partner with MSSPs to secure their enterprises because while your teams take some rest every evening, aggressors are wide awake attempting attacks on your network from every angle, “commented Duncan Omani, a Network Engineer in charge of security at MTN.

Cyber security cases continue to cripple business operations across the globe. According to Accenture, ‘the average cost of a malware attack on a company is $2.4 million; the average cost in time of a malware attack is 50 days and the most expensive component of a cyber-attack is information loss, which represents 43 percent of costs.’

Lastly, Mr. Festus Kiragu, the Acting Managing Director of MTN Business Kenya echoed the firm’s commitment to releasing new solutions to address cyber threats for its customers.